Creating brands that people ‘get’.


Words matter.
Words that are clear, concise and charismatic. Not verbose, pretentious or insipid.
Yes, it’s hard work finding words that work hard.
But this is what Grasp is about.
From presentations and taglines, to websites and white papers.
We employ words to create brands that people get.
Enough chit-chat for now though.
Stop reading what we say. Start seeing what we do.


We help startups and founders define the who, what, where and how of their communications, so that when they’re talking to potential customers, partners or investors they’re clear, concise and charismatic.


We guide founders through five key areas of brand building and marketing...

Customer Insights

There may be a gap in the market, but is there a market in the gap? Who’s going to buy your product? What are their pain points and your price points?


What do you stand for? What makes you different? What’s the company vision that’s going to excite investors or employees?

Company Messaging

What does your company do? How does it do it? What are the main benefits and features you need to communicate so that your customers buy?

Marketing Strategy

After you know who you’re going to talk to and what you’re going to say, which channels are you going to use to do both... Events? Partners? Social Media?

Content Production

Once you’re there, how are you going to communicate... Words, images, videos, telepathy?



We typically work on a project basis across the following areas:

We also work with partners who are able to provide better support for design, video production, web development, paid media and press outreach.


"Grasp really defined what we do as a company and forged our brand identity. Their understanding of communications - both the strategy and the nitty-gritty - is really impressive, and what’s more they’re just great people to partner and work with."

Meir Biton, CPO at Storyball


We're best when we're working with companies who: want to turn their product into a brand that people admire and trust; are looking to produce that killer tagline, investor deck, article or website; need to create great content or events that attract customers, press and new hires.

We don’t do long consultancy decks; we don’t use 10 words when 2 suffice; and we don’t do email sign-offs. If you really like doing those three things then it’s probably not meant to be.

Otherwise, get in touch below...

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